Intro to photography class!


Two dates available: August 28th, 9am-11am and September 3rd, 5pm-7pm.

Located at McCallister Park

Bring your own camera, any and all cameras welcome!

 Class must be paid for in order to officially be registered. I will email you a Square invoice.

Parents and siblings are welcome to hang out at the playground but please respect our class and try to avoid distractions.

This is a basics, entry level class. That being said, we will cover a good amount of topics and practice a lot of skills. I will give them a strong, in depth understanding of everything they need to take their own "professional" images. This is a basic list of subjects we will cover.

How to use your camera; modes, manual, focus, exposure triangle, iso, aperture, shutter speed

Composition; lead lines, background, rule of thirds, negative space, backlighting, haze, posing

Class will be a combination of teaching and practicing. I will provide notebooks and pens for kiddos who like notes and diagrams(like myself!) And we will do hands on practice for every skill. My expectation is that your kids will listen, follow instructions and be respectful. You can expect me to teach kindly and respectfully, to patiently explain concepts in multiple ways to help each student understand.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.