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Why you should *love* the First Look

So many couples immediately shy away from the idea of a first look because they consider themselves "traditional" and they don't want to spoil any aspect of the wedding day. I totally understand! I didn't do a first look at my wedding! But now that I am a professional photographer and I've invested in some excellent education, I have seen the light! First looks are not only one of my all time favorite things to photograph but they also give the bride and groom other benefits that can not be beat! Read on to find out why you should love the first look!

5 Reasons to love the First Look

  1. This moment is just for the two of you.

So much of your wedding day is going to fly by! All day you will have a gaggle of family members and friends surrounding you. Your nerves slowly build as you anticipate this "monumental" event. At the ceremony you don't get to pause. Sure you see each other for the first time but you can't talk, you can't hold each other. All eyes are on you and this ceremony is rolling onward. If you choose a first look, that moment is all yours. We will find a private and quiet place. I will disappear into the background. It is just you and your almost spouse. You see each other for the first time and you can savor every second! He can ooh and ahh over the amazing dress you chose. She can look him up and down and fall a little more in love. You can hold each other. You can take a breathe together. You can talk about how crazy your mother in law is ( just kidding!). The point is this will be the only part of your day that is really truly just for the two of you.

2. Banish those nerves!

Now that you have seen each other and all that anticipation has been let loose, you can breathe again! You will feel so much more relaxed being able to walk through the rest of your day with your lover by your side! A wedding is about joining together, so you should be allowed to experience it together!

3. Photography insurance!

You've invested in your wedding photos, you should maximize your time! Doing a first look helps your photography timeline flow and gives time back to everyone! If the weather wont cooperate and you get rain after your ceremony, you lose all that portrait time! Unless you did a first look before the ceremony! Insurance! If you are concerned about how you might look in portraits and you want a big variety, a first look will give you 40% more bride and groom portraits to choose from! Insurance!

4. Enjoy your guests!

If you do a first look that means that after the ceremony we can focus on family formals and wedding party portraits. This way we aren't trying to cram all the portraits into one quick space or stealing time from your cocktail hour. If you choose to do a first look you get to relax and enjoy the family formal and wedding party portraits and then head to your cocktail hour with your guests! So taking that extra time in the morning will save a lot of time and stress in the evening!

5. Why not?

Everything about your wedding day will fade away except the photos. The food will be delicious, but it gets eaten. The dress will be stunning, but one day it will go out of style (or stopping fitting, thanks kids). The venue will be perfect, but it's just a background. However, the photos will last for generations. Your children will look through your wedding album and laugh about dads hair, moms dress, how young grandma and grandpa look. You can't put a price on memories. One day you may want to look back on how your marriage started. On how much you love each other. On how some things will last forever. So in my opinion, you want as many photos of the two of you together as you can get. You want to see every glance of love, every passionate kiss and every sweet touch that you can. A first look gives you an extra special opportunity to capture that forever.

After photographing several weddings and getting educated on the value of first looks, I recommend them to everyone! I think the benefits greatly out weigh the cons! Now, some people still choose to skip them and that is fine! Like I said, I totally understand. But if you are flexible, I say always choose the first look. <3

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